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ADT KP251 Low SET at 150℃
ADT 249B

High SET, for Bitumen
ADT 503

Highest SET
ADT 802 For EPS, XPS, PU Foam
ADT FP Specially for PU Foam
Products Introduce

From Expandable Graphite to Superfine Graphite Powders, we will be your best partner.
The market for Expandable Graphite as a halogen-free Flame Retardant is growing very fast. ADT pioneers this development with the understanding that this can only be done with products of high and absolutely constant quality. Today ADT offers a great variety of Expandable Graphites to meet the different requirements of the market.

ADT Expandable Graphite flame retardant additives can be formulated to provide a flame retarded system. ADT Expandable Graphite is a material based on natural graphite ore. The ore is treated with sulfuric acid in what is called an intercalation process. The material is washed and neutralized to prevent corrosion of metal parts when processed by the user. Excessive shear should be avoided. ADT Expandable Graphite additives may be used in polyurethanes, sealants, coatings, and polymers. ADT Expandable Graphite additives may also be used in conjunction with other flame retardant additives to provide improved flame retardant Properties to a material.

Quality Production

ADT is committed to producing Expandable Graphite of high and consistent quality. The emphasis on quality is approved by ISO-Certification in China and REACH in Europe. All products are neutralized and washed before drying.
For drying alone, ADT uses three different drying systems. Before packaging all Expandable Graphite are sieved to avoid any contamination.
Quality Control
All products are strictly controlled according to our own requirements and the specifications of our customers

ADT set themselves the highest standards to protect human beings and the environment. All waste and by-products are treated and handled in a safe and responsible manner.
The waste water is treated in our own sewage plant.

New developments
ADT is committed to developing continuously new products to meet the requirements of present and new applications. For this reason ADT cares about our customers and cooperates with Research Institutes and selected Raw Material Suppliers.

Technical Services
ADT is committed to giving extensive technical support to our customers.
Please contact us if you need technical assistance.

Commercial Service
ADT is committed to giving the best commercial experience to our customers.
Please contact us if you need samples, literature or offers or if you want to place orders.

ADT supplies a full range of Expandable Graphites within very narrow specifications. Many properties can be adjusted to the requirements of our customers.
The product range covers
  -- Purities up to min 99% - e.g. ADT 251, ADT 351
  -- Free Expansion up to min 400 times - ADT 400
  -- Start of Expansion between 145°C (ADT KP 251) and 300°C (ADT 503)
  -- Particle size down to 45 micron (ADT 17)
  -- Free water content of max. 0.4%

ADT-Expandable Graphites can be used alone or in combination with other Flame Retardants working in the solid phase like
Ammoniumpolyphosphate (APP)
Ethylenediaminephosphate (EDAP)
or with liquid Flame Retardants

ADT controls as standard the following specifications:
Carbon Content
Ash Content
Particle Size
Free Water Content
Free Expansion
Start Expansion Temperature

and on request other specifications like
Expansion Strength
Total Acid Value
Free Acid
Particle Size Distribution

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